One year from now we are praying, planning, preparing to meet in convention in Lexington, Kentucky! While I don’t have the answer to “What will next year bring?”, I do know that we want to continue to serve the Lord with gladness. We want to support missions and missionaries both in the States and abroad. We want people – now more than ever – to hear about their Savior, Jesus Christ!

So, we keep the faith. We keep supporting LWML. We keep researching potential mission grant proposals. We keep praying. We keep serving. We keep loving as Christ first loved us.

Do you need some motivation? Information? Inspiration? Check the current mission grants, promotional resources, and their paid status are here. Resources for submitting mission grant proposals are available here. Wonderful stories of how your mite donations have impacted mission and ministry are found here.

Thank you for being part of this leading group of LCMS women who use their God-given gifts to serve the Lord and His people!

Eden Keefe