I am a mom of two children lost during pregnancy but waiting for me in heaven. God designed and knit them together in my womb, even though we didn’t get to meet them in person. Yet God still welcomed them into His family.

We are all God’s children, and He would like nothing better than for us to take care of each other’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. God enlarges our hearts during times of trials and joys, so we can understand the deep love He has for all of His children.

We are designed by God to be relational and to share His love and our love for each other. If you have experienced loss, trials, tribulations, sorrows, joys, and blessings, let God lead you as you comfort and/or celebrate with others, utilizing your empathetic heart and servant hands.

To find encouraging ways to show His love to others, check out the mission service activities at www.lwml.org/posts/mission-servants-activities/mission-service-calendar.

Karla Koehler