The Time is NOW … for Convention!

Excitement is in the air! The 36th Biennial Convention of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League is happening this week.

Over 4500 men and women spent Thursday at displays from the LWML, various ministries, Concordia campuses, and ministries that serve the LCMS. The convention hall was full of worshippers at the evening opening of the 36th LWML Biennial Convention. The offering of $60,478.87 will go to the newly adopted Mite Goal of $2,000,000. Rev. Mike Mattil opened the Friday session with the first session of a Bible study theme “Sow, Nourish, Reap.” Humorous Interrupter, Jan Struck introduced the audience to yet another character on her way to the LWML convention. The afternoon session opened with personal greetings from LCMS President, Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison and keynote speaker, Rev. Dr. James Lamb.
The Time is NOW … to invite friends who can’t come to Des Moines to watch the Livestream videos of the Opening Worship with Proclaimer, The Rev. Gregory Seltz, Lutheran Hour Speaker. You can download and print worship folders from the Convention page. Encourage congregations to show the video feed in their churches.

The time is almost NOW … to celebrate “Bountiful! Sow • Nourish • Reap.”