Raising Pastors and Deaconesses

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Liberia


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Prior to the civil conflict of 1990, there were several Bible colleges/seminaries across the country. Some are yet to be opened and none are Lutheran. The civil war has increased the level of economic hardship in the country, making it difficult for those who may want to study outside of Liberia. In addition, fees charged by other colleges and seminaries outside of Liberia are extremely high. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Liberia has decided to build a Lutheran Bible College for its 137 congregations and for those from neighboring Sierra Leone and Guinea. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Liberia believes strongly in the need to witness to our Lutheran confession in a nation that predominately preaches and practices work righteousness over and against justification by grace through faith alone. This grant will provide all the necessary funds to build the college/ seminary with the people of the church supplying the labor.

nullOur Pastors need training/ Ordination to the ministry of Word and Sacraments.
nullA ten days Deaconess workshop in Monrovia by Grace Rao and others.

WHEREAS, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Liberia, being a partner church body of the LCMS; and
WHEREAS, Its goals and objectives are the development of human resources towards the proclamation and teaching of the Gospel unto repentance and the salvation of souls through Word and Sacrament; and
WHEREAS, The building and establishment of seminary/ university is necessary to train pastors, deaconesses, and other church workers; and
WHEREAS, This seminary project, being a priority need for the church and people of Liberia, will provide adequate opportunity, both spiritual and physical, to over 10,000 men and women in service of the Gospel, especially those who are just recovering from 20 brutal years of civil wars and are now engaged in rebuilding their lives and homes, therefore be it
RESOLVED, That the delegates gathered at the 2017 Lutheran Women’s Missionary League National Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico, vote the sum of $97,000 to fund the construction of a seminary/university in Monrovia, Liberia.

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nullLCMS/Instructors assist in raising Deaconesses in Liberia.
nullOur Pastors need to be fully trained to preach the Word and administer the Sacraments.
nullTrained Deaconesses or DCE can play meaning role in molding young lives.
nullThe ELCL at her 2016 Convention parade the streets in Liberia.
nullOne of our Lutheran Schools visited by Rev. Dr. Bob Roegner in Monrovia.


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