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Lutheran churches, missionaries, and new Christian families around the world will be provided with Bible story books, translated into their languages that teach children about Jesus. These brightly illustrated books, such as A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories and Bible Stories in Pictures, are given free of charge to the parents and missionaries who need them.

nullChildren Need Jesus in Mongolia! In many countries, where Lutheranism didn't exist a generation ago, parents want to teach their children about Jesus. The major obstacle is that NO Lutheran children's books are available in their language. With your help, the Lutheran Heritage Foundation is changing this!
nullChildren Need Jesus in Ghana! LHF has already translated and printed children's Bible storybooks in more than 20 languages. However, the demand for these books is so high that LHF cannot answer all the requests from pastors, missionaries, and pastors who need materials in a language their families can read and understand.

WHEREAS, People were bringing babies to Jesus for Him to bless them, and Jesus called the children to Him saying, But Jesus called them to him, saying, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.” (Luke 18:16); and
WHEREAS, With the growth of Lutheran churches and missions around the world, new Christian parents want to teach their children about their Lord Jesus Christ but lack Lutheran Bible storybooks in their own languages; and
WHEREAS, Lutheran missionaries and church leaders worldwide have expressed a deep need for Lutheran materials, printed in the native languages of the people they serve, so that they may better share the Lutheran faith with families in their care; and
WHEREAS, The Lutheran Heritage Foundation, an LCMS Recognized Service Organization (RSO), has for 25 years vigorously fulfilled its mission of translating, publishing, and distributing Lutheran books (including A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories and Bible Stories in Pictures) into more than 90 languages, giving LCMS missionaries, pastors, and families the tools they need to introduce children to Jesus; therefore be it
RESOLVED, That the delegates gathered at the 2017 Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico, vote the sum of $100,000 to help fund Lutheran Children’s Books for Families Worldwide.

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nullChildren Need Jesus in Papua New Guinea! Tina Matro, wife of LCMS missionary Rev. Larry Matro in PNG, was thrilled to receive from LHF the newly printed A Child's Garden of Bible Stories in the Tok Pisin language. "Children need to READ about Jesus in their heart language!" she said emphatically.
nullChildren Need Jesus in Vietnam! The children's Bible storybooks have been gratefully received and used in Sunday schools, in families for devotions and for immigrant families in the United States. For many children living in impoverished areas, it is the only book they own — one they can read again and again to hear about the Savior's love for them!
nullChildren Need Jesus in Latvia! Amazingly, it costs only about $5 per copy to translate and print a hardcover version like A Child's Garden of Bible Stories or Bible Stories in Pictures or God's Word for You (for teens). These books are used not only for home devotions, but also for teaching Sunday school and Vacation Bible School.
nullChildren Need Jesus in Somalia! In regions of the world where it's dangerous to be a Christian, a small book about Jesus can be tucked away beneath clothing or hidden among other personal possessions. With the support of the Lutheran Women's Missionary League, approximately 20,000 books will be distributed free of charge to families who otherwise could not afford the luxury of a book!
nullChildren Need Jesus in the Ukraine! Together, we can help these first-generation Christian parents all around the world experience the JOY of knowing JESUS in their mother tongue!


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