2021–2023 LWML Mission Grant #17

Spiritual and Physical Food for Children of Peru

La Mision Luterana del Peru — $56,750


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About This Mission Grant

Castillo Fuerte (Mighty Fortress) Mercy House is an outreach of the LCMS Missions in Latin America and the Caribbean and was started in 2013. The people of Lima are unable to fully finance the work of the Mercy House, and the work of our missionaries, who feed the souls with the Word of God and show the love of Christ by feeding the parents and children’s stomachs. Families come to receive food for their physical bodies, and they stay because of Jesus’ love for them as He feeds them the spiritual food which sustains their souls. The healing power of Christ’s love and redemption shine into the broken lives of the families making them whole. This grant would partner with La Mision Luterana and Castillo Fuerte to work together to care for the children and families of Lima, Peru, by providing for the needs of the body and of the soul.


Missionaries and locals serve lunch at Castillo Fuerte Mercy House of La Mision Luterana. Every day children receive a healthy, well balanced, hot meal at the Mercy House. For some of these children this is the only meal they will have all day. After this nourishing meal for the body, children gather around to hear the Word so that their souls might also be fed.
Photo by Erik Lunsford


Children learn to pray at Castillo Fuerte Mercy House. Alongside of providing education, care for physical bodies, and extra-curricular activities Castillo Fuerte puts a big emphasis on the Word of the Lord. Children have daily prayer and chapel services, learn Luther's Small Catechism and hear Bible stories. Afterwards children take home what they have learned about Jesus and share it with their families. Parents come to the church asking to learn more about the Bible, be taught to pray and to understand what their children are learning about Jesus.
Photo by Erik Lunsford

Approved Resolution at the LWML Convention

WHEREAS, Christ in His Holy Word has charged us to reach out to all nations with the knowledge of His saving Gospel as well as His tangible love; and 

WHEREAS, the LCMS Board of International Mission and the LCMS Missions in Latin America and the Caribbean have identified the community of Lima, Peru, as fertile ground for a church plant and Castillo Fuerte Mercy House; and 

WHEREAS, the people of Lima are unable to fully finance the work of the Mercy House and the work of our missionaries who preach the Word, administer the Sacraments, provide for after-school programming, literacy programs, and daily feed the children their main meal, affecting the whole family with the love of Jesus through Word and deed; and 

WHEREAS, the LCMS Chief Mission Officer was consulted about the grant; therefore, be it 

RESOLVED, that the delegates of the 2021 Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Convention scheduled for Lexington, Kentucky, vote the sum of $56,750 to help fund Spiritual and Physical Food for Children of Peru.

More Mission Grant Photos

Pastors from La Mision Luterana reach out to families in Lima after personal loss and tragedy. Castillo Fuerte is the mercy arm of the Lutheran mission in Peru. By providing for the physical needs of suffering people, missionaries have a way to reach into the lives of individuals and get to know them, building trust and friendship. This trust lays the foundation for sharing the Good News about Jesus and His promise of salvation for these families. Through physical and educational aid for the children, we can reach the whole family to share about the love of Jesus Christ.
Photo by Erik Lunsford

Missionaries share with the children during a public health education class hosted by Castillo Fuerte. Castillo Fuerte cares for the children of the community in a three-fold way, with competencies in education, health, and life ministries. We seek to provide wholistic care for the children and their families providing for the need of their bodies intellectually, emotionally, and physically, as well as spiritually. This is done through daily activities Monday through Saturday as well as through special events like this public health education class.
Photo by Erik Lunsford.

Children head home alone through the streets of Lima, the capital city of Peru. In this city of over 10 million people, children often times find themselves alone while parents work 12 hour days trying to provide enough money to keep the family feed and out of poverty. Children are left to look out for each other against the dangers of the city: the dark streets, thieves, gangs, drugs and predators of all types. Castillo Fuerte serves these vulnerable children by providing a safe space away from these dangers, while caring for both body and soul.
Photo by Erik Lunsford

Victoria practically bursts with joy during her confirmation at the Castillo Fuerte church. These four girls are daily attendees at the Mercy House and have been studying the catechism for two years building to this day, when they can finally be full members of the Lutheran Church and taste the body and blood of their Savior given for the forgiveness of their sins.
Photo by Erik Lunsford

Vicar Elvis and missionaries on a home visitation with the Cortez Family, Venazuelan refugees in Lima Peru. Venazuelan refugees arriving to Lima often find themselves with no money, no work, no place to live and no friends or contacts to help them. Castillo Fuerte and La Mision Luterana have opened the doors to these refugees helping them to find shelter, food and adjust to life in a new country. Venezuelan refugees are about 20% of the children at Castillo Fuerte and 35% of the church's attendance. This is notable as the refugees are only about 3% of the total population of Lima. These Venezuelan refugees and their children are some of the most vulnerable and at-risk population in all of the city, as such they are truly in need of our help and aid. It is a joy and a blessing to have our mercy house so well positioned to serve these desperate, hurting families both in body and in spirit.
Photo by Erik Lunsford


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