2021–2023 LWML Mission Grant #21

Mercy House Belize Lutheran Campus

Belize Mission Society — $100,000


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About This Mission Grant

The Belize Mission Society (BMS) has a dental clinic in a multipurpose building that is located in the village. This grant money would fund the building of a Mercy House next to the elementary school and Christ Lutheran Church. By bringing the dental clinic and other programs to the Lutheran campus, it will lead people to the Church and connect them with the missionaries. The BMS is intent on “strengthening their cord” (a reference to Ecclesiastes 4:12) with the Belize FORO (forum), the missionaries, and the local residents. By building relationships with children, they also reach their extended family with the Good News of their Savior, Jesus Christ. Mercy House — Belize Mission Campus will further the mercy work and relationship-building of the BMS while providing a tangible connection to Christ Lutheran Church.


Christ Lutheran Church in Seine Bight, Belize. Adjacent property to the left of the palm tree is the property desired for Mercy House — Belize Lutheran Campus. Picture taken from stairway at the school.


Children in the program begin their meal with prayer and thanksgiving for this gift that our Lord and Savior has given them.

Approved Resolution at the LWML Convention

WHEREAS, Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12 NIV); and 

WHEREAS, presently the Belize Mission Society (BMS) is working in partnership with Christ Lutheran Church (LCMS) missionaries and short-term mission teams in southern Belize to share mercy care through feeding children, dental clinics, vacation Bible school, tutoring, and community health programs that provide a direct connection to the church and the Gospel message; and 

WHEREAS, the BMS is a Recognized Service Organization of the LCMS and a Belize FORO (Spanish for “forum,” a system of support used for LCMS missions and sister churches in Latin America and the Caribbean) charter member, working in coordination with the LCMS Office of International Mission to implement mercy care in multiple locations throughout the community and country, missionaries develop relationships with villagers to share the Good News of Jesus through Baptism, confirmation, and Communion; and 

WHEREAS, having a Mercy House located next to the elementary school and Christ Lutheran Church, thus creating a Lutheran Campus and community focal point for outreach, will provide expanded opportunities to teach the Scriptures and proclaim the Gospel, while also meeting physical needs. This new Mercy House will provide a direct physical connection to Christ Lutheran Church and the mercy care teams currently serving the community. We recognize that by connecting with the children, providing role models and hope, we also draw entire families to the saving grace of the Gospel; therefore, be it 

RESOLVED, that the delegates of the 2021 Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Convention scheduled for Lexington, Kentucky, vote the sum of $100,000 to help fund Mercy House — Belize Lutheran Campus.

More Mission Grant Photos

Harriet and Allana are the local villagers that run the feeding program at the school.

Meals provided have protein to enrich the nutrition needs for the children. Test scores have improved once the program had started and has grown.

The feeding program is located in a small room at the school. Social distancing is not possible with the current location.

The dental clinic is located at the Multi-Purpose Building in the village. The BMS keeps supplies for mission team needs for construction, VBS, medical, dental and food preparation at the clinic. The agreement with the village expires in 2024.


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