2023–2025 LWML Mission Grant #1

Orphan Grain Train Servant Center

Orphan Grain Train, U.S. — $100,000


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About This Mission Grant

Orphan Grain Train (OGT) has carried out the mission of the Lord for thirty years by providing humanitarian service. They work through the church so the Gospel always accompanies their service. They have assisted orphans, carried out domestic disaster relief, gathered, sorted, packed, and distributed food, clothing, medical supplies, equipment, and educational materials for those experiencing poverty in the U.S. and internationally. 

The original facility in Norfolk, Nebraska, is outdated and lacking adequate space to carry out their expanding work. They need to build an additional facility to increase their mission capacity and increase the safety level for volunteers. With an increased work area, larger groups of volunteers can work on donations received and the output of mercy meals can double to 10,000,000 meals annually. This grant will help OGT complete their building project.


This is the front entrance to the new Servant Center, 
looking west on 6th Street.

More Mission Grant Photos

This is a view looking toward the northwest from the corner of 6th and Phillips. To the right is the front of the building. Around the corner to the left is the covered entry to the receiving area, moving further left is the corridor adjoining the old warehouse, and farther left is the old warehouse where the truck is seen at the loading dock.

This is a view from the north end of 6th Street, showing the renovated Mercy Meals building and to the left of it the corridor connecting it to the new Servant Center. The Mercy Meals building appears larger in the picture than it actually is in comparison to the Servant Center.

This is the architect's rendering of what the inside of the warehouse portion will be.

This is the architect's rendering of what the break room/educational area will look like.

This is an overhead view of the entire block. Orphan Grain Train now owns the whole block except for the grain silos. The old warehouse is to the left of the silos and you can see how the entire building wraps around the silos. The white pitched roof toward the back of the building is the Mercy Meals renovated building.


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