Clean Water and Evangelism Ministry — MOST Ministries

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Grant Amount: $50,000

  • To provide sustainable safe water by installing water filters and instruction on hygiene and sanitation. 
  • To share the Gospel and implant the seeds of faith into those of the community.

Mission Opportunities Short Term (MOST) Ministries is impacting the world for Jesus Christ through short term mission trips. Working through partnerships with congregations, mission organizations, LCMS missionaries, and LCMS partner churches they provide medical and dental clinics, eyeglasses, hospice care training, women’s and children’s ministry, construction, ethics training for policemen and soldiers, and many other projects. Third world countries are in dire need of clean water. Five thousand (5,000) children die each day from lack of clean water from diseases spread through unsafe drinking water. The clean water program of MOST Ministries will work with LCMS missionaries and national partner churches to deliver lifesaving water and hygiene education. When given the opportunity, we will proclaim to them the living water of Jesus Christ, His forgiveness and eternal life. This grant of $50,000 will purchase, ship, and administer a 99% effective sustainable water filtration system for MOST Ministries clean water mission teams to distribute to 568 families and reach over 5,000 people with the gospel.


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