Dear Lucy Leader … Accept a Position

Dear Lucy Leader,

I commit to a task. I believe that it should be completed to the best of my abilities. My motto is “God doesn't call the equipped, but equips those He calls.”

Sometimes I hesitate to accept a position where others work under my direction, because I cannot be sure of their commitment/dedication to completing the work.

Can you supply any wisdom?

Willing but Hesitant Wilma

Dear Willing but Hesitant Wilma,

Your concern is legitimate. Let me give you some thoughts as you consider serving in a new position. Begin your new position as you begin any new task — go to the Lord in prayer. Get to know each person on your team — learn her strengths and weaknesses. Actively engage with your team. Be clear about what your team needs to accomplish. Help your team members see how they are contributing to the big picture, and that you are counting on them. Recognize work that is done well. 

Past LWML Pastoral Counselor Michael Mattil and his wife Cheryl (past LWML Strategic Plan Facilitator) have these words of advice:

“Our service is an offering to Jesus, using the gifts we have been given. We all are imperfect and should be careful about judging the work of others.” 

None of us know exactly what to do when we start a new position; we figure it out about the time we finish our service. Encouragement, trust, and mercy create a great team. God uses us where we are. Be yourself and support and pray for the others on your team.

May God bless your service,

Lucy Leader

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God's Blessings,

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