Dear Lucy Leader … Showing Appreciation

Dear Lucy Leader,

The women in my group have worked so hard sharing Jesus’ love with the women in our church and the people in our community who are hurting. They are always willing to step up and do anything that needs to be done. What can I do to let them know that I really appreciate all their hard work?

Grateful Greta 

Dear Grateful Greta,

Praise God that you have volunteers who get the work done! Volunteers can be shown appreciation by a simple “thank you” or by presenting them with a unique and memorable gift.

Formal recognition of your volunteers can be accomplished in several ways. Litanies during a service is one example. Your pastor could also say prayers of thanks for volunteers at worship services. You might want to plan a volunteer recognition banquet.

As an alternate form of recognition, consider making a mite donation in honor of the volunteer you are recognizing. This is a thoughtful way to let the person know that her service and Christian witness has touched your life in a special way.

You can find more information and specific examples of volunteer recognition at May God continue to bless your volunteers and your ministry!

Lucy Leader

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