Water and the Word for Rural Schools in Kenya

2019–2021 Mission Grant 1 — $80,000

nullThis is what the water looks like, in a lot of cases, before it goes into the filter. Without the clean water system, the students would drink this water that was gathered from the local river.

In 2008, a man from Nebraska traveling in East Africa saw the need for clean water and sought a way to help. Through contact with a social worker and educator in Nakuru, Kenya, he devised a system of installing water harvesting equipment (rain gutters and tanks), filters, hand washing stations and clean water storage to be installed in schools in Kenya. In 2016, members of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod from Nebraska took over the management of the project. They visit Kenya every year, traveling to schools assessing their water needs. Teams from the United States install rain gutters and tanks for storage. Hand washing stations and clean water “buckets’ are placed in every classroom. They teach personal hygiene, handwashing and the importance of drinking only clean water. WASH clubs, made up of students and staff, are formed to be responsible for the clean water program. The grant will help the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya (ELCK) to extend their ministry of Word and Sacrament by expanding the clean water project for their schools and orphanages.  

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