Here is a guide for journaling using a template with small spaces for daily reflection as published in the 2020 Spring Lutheran Woman's Quarterly.

Lenten Devotional Template


Instructions for using this devotional template

In the margins or on a piece of paper, summarize the devotion or Scripture reading in one-two sentences.

Next, narrow it even further, using just a few words (like a tag line) to summarize what it says to you. Write those words inside a space on the template.

If there are any word pictures or images that come to mind, you can incorporate them with, or instead of, words. (This may be done with illustrations or a color choice.)

Each day, as you reflect and respond to the reading, you can also look back and review previous days’ responses. What is God revealing on your Lenten journey?

The 40 spaces are for the 40 days of Lent. Sundays are not included. You may choose to skip journaling on Sundays or finish the template on Palm Sunday if you include Sunday devotions.


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