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At each level of LWML, program planners should follow these guidelines:

  1. Schedule the event well in advance, at least one year ahead. This helps everyone, including the group who will host, the officers, the speaker(s), the pastoral counselor, and the publicity chairman to make their plans.
  2. Include pertinent information in the speaker’s letter of invitation:
    • date, time, and place;
    • theme of the event;
    • approximate hour when the person is expected to speak;
    • amount of time allotted;
    • other guest speakers and the topic of their talk (if applicable);
    • ask about an honorarium (or, if guidelines are specific about fees, state that fact);
    • amount allowed for mileage and meal expenses; and
    • offer to cover overnight expenses (if guidelines allow this expense).
  3. In a letter following the speaker’s acceptance:
    • ask about properties needed;
    • include directions to the meeting place;
    • enclose a complimentary meal ticket;
    • request a photo (high resolution color digital often used) for publicity; and
    • request a short biography to help the person who will introduce the speaker.
  4. On the day of the event:
    • assign someone to meet the speaker at the door and look after his/her welfare;
    • begin introducing the speaker to various members;
    • provide a copy of the program to the speaker;
    • show the layout of the room where the program will take place; and
    • as much as possible, put the speaker at ease.
  5. After the presentation:
    • be aware of time limits the speaker may have;
    • arrange to have the check for the speaker’s honorarium (and possibly any reimbursements that have been agreed upon) in an envelope ready to hand to the speaker away from the crowd; and
    • follow up with a letter of appreciation the next day.
  6. For more detailed information on planning a program, go to the LWML website www.lwml.org.


A good place to look for program ideas is the LWML website www.lwml.org or the LWML Catalog:

  • Bible studies;
  • devotions;
  • leader training material;
  • servant event ideas;
  • mission service opportunities;
  • videos/DVDs;
  • sketches; and
  • retreat programs with various themes.

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