Invitations have been created to invite women in your congregation who have not joined in the activities of traditional LWML groups. The invitations serve several purposes.

  • They serve as a conversation starter about LWML, especially for those who are not aware of our mission and outreach opportunities.
  • They serve as an invitation to participate the Mailbox Member Program.
  • They also allow women to take LWML information home and prayerfully consider participating.
  • They provide a return postcard, making it easy for women who are interested to respond with their contact information to the Mailbox Member Coordinator.

You may begin to invite women, one at a time, to become members of the LWML Mailbox Program, or you may hand out invitations to all women at church in a mass mailing. And remember to share this opportunity with those who join your congregation by adding the invitation to their new member information which your church provides.

To print the invitations use one of three versions of the invitation available for download. To send the invitation via email copy and paste the text from the fourth version directly into the body of an email.

Each invitation consists of two cards (four panels, two to each card) printed on both sides of the paper or cardstock. The first card shares basic information about LWML and the Mailbox Member program with the recipient and is theirs to keep. The recipient returns the second card to the Mailbox Member Program Coordinator with their contact information.

Copies printed on regular 8 ½ x 11 paper will need to be cut into 4 pieces. Each piece of paper will create two invitations. For invitations printed on postcard paper, each page can be separated in half and then the invitation can be folded on the punch line between the two cards.

Once the invitations are printed, you may proceed with distributing the invitations and inviting women to participate in the Mailbox Member program.

Downloadable Invitations:

Invitation in color (print on regular paper or card stock)

Invitation in b/w (print on regular paper or card stock)

Invitation in color Word doc (print on postcard paper such as Avery 8387)

Invitations for email Word doc (copy and paste text directly into the body of an email)

More Downloadable Publicity Materials:

Mailbox Member logo in color PNG

Mailbox Member logo in b/w PNG

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