A printable PDF of these instructions can be found at the end of this article.

Leader instructions

Winter months are a great time to offer indoor activities for inclement weather. Providing this free resource for an activity that a Mailbox Member can do by herself or with family and friends is sure to give her an opportunity to relax while expressing herself with color and a creative quiet time.

Access the LWML Coloring Pages. 

For Paper Copies:
  • Download and print this month’s resource (in bold above) to share with each Mailbox Member. You may consider including a box of colored pencils.
  • Print as many copies of the resource as you need for your Mailbox Member participants.
  • Don’t forget to sign the message and leave your contact information!
  • As you place this information in your Mailbox Member participant’s mailbox, pray for this child of God!
For Electronic Communication:
  • Open this month’s resource idea and read the coordinator information.
  • Get ready to send a new email, and in the subject line write: LWML Mailbox Member Greetings
  • Copy and paste the Mailbox Member message on the next page into your email.
  • Attach the resource(s) for the month.
  • Send this message off with a prayer for this Mailbox Member, a child of God!

Distribute the resource to your Mailbox Member participants with the following Mailbox Member Message:

Hello from LWML! 

Coloring is a hobby enjoyed by young and old alike. Here’s a special coloring sheet from LWML. As you color it, please pray for one of the current mission grant recipients asking God’s blessing on this ministry. You might want to share your coloring creation with a friend and help to brighten her day as well or post it on your refrigerator to remind all who see it of the wondrous love of our Savior. (Other coloring resources can be found at the LWML website.)

As always, contact me with any questions. You are in my daily prayers.

Your Sister in Christ,



View a printable PDF of these instructions


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