A printable PDF of these instructions can be found at the end of this article.

Leader instructions

The middle of summer with its unusually hot, sultry days usually does not include many, if any, LWML events. So we will pass along the Gospel message to others in different ways. LWML Mustard Seed Devotions are sized for convenience so you can keep them in your purse, car, desk, or even your suitcase when you are travelling. Perhaps the women of your congregation have never seen or used these wonderful short scripture-focused devotions.

Access the Mustard Seed devotion God Knows Me and distribute it to your Mailbox Members.

If you have a set of Mustard Seed Devotions, consider gifting your Mailbox Members with a single copy of one of the devotions. You can shop for sets of Mustard Seed Devotions on the LWML website. 

For Paper Copies:
  • Download and print this month’s resource (in bold above) to share with each Mailbox Member.
  • Print as many copies of the resource as you need for your Mailbox Member participants.
  • Don’t forget to sign the message and leave your contact information!
  • As you place this information in your Mailbox Member participant’s mailbox, pray for this child of God!
For Electronic Communication:
  • Open this month’s resource idea and read the coordinator information.
  • Get ready to send a new email, and in the subject line write: LWML Mailbox Member Greetings
  • Copy and paste the Mailbox Member message on the next page into your email.
  • Attach the resource(s) for the month.
  • Send this message off with a prayer for this Mailbox Member, a child of God!

Distribute the Mustard Seed devotion to your Mailbox Member participants with the following Mailbox Member Message:

Hello from LWML! 

Even in the warm summer months, we can use every opportunity God gives us to share the Gospel message with others. Maybe you are sitting on a park bench watching your children or grandchildren play or sipping sweet tea from the comfort of your front porch. Having a packet of Mustard Seed Devotions in your bag or purse can open an opportunity to share about your faith wherever you are.

“God Knows You,” like this month’s devotion states, “and He calls you — and me — to share that love with everyone we know.” Read this month’s devotion and share it with someone else — a friend, family member, restaurant server, or tuck it in a letter to a friend far away.

Thank you for being a part of our Mailbox Member program and as always, contact me with any questions. You are in my daily prayers. 

Your Sister in Christ,



View a printable PDF of these instructions


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