A printable PDF of these instructions can be found at the end of this article.

Leader instructions

The end of the national LWML biennium arrives on March 31. (The end of each even year is the district biennium and the end of the national LWML biennium is in the odd years.) Now is the time to encourage each other to help meet the mission goal early in this month by donating Mite Box offerings to be sent in prior to the deadline ending the current biennium. Invite your Mailbox Members to use this devotion as they prayerfully add donations to their Mite Box.

Access the devotion Proclaiming the Gospel with Mites.

If your Mailbox Members are unable to attend church, make arrangements to pick up their Mite Box offerings so their gifts may be included in the donations received this month.  

For Paper Copies:
  • Download and print this month’s resource (in bold above) to share with each Mailbox Member.
  • Print as many copies of the resource as you need for your Mailbox Member participants.
  • Don’t forget to sign the message and leave your contact information!
  • As you place this information in your Mailbox Member participant’s mailbox, pray for this child of God!
For Electronic Communication:
  • Open this month’s resource idea and read the coordinator information.
  • Get ready to send a new email, and in the subject line write: LWML Mailbox Member Greetings
  • Copy and paste the Mailbox Member message on the next page into your email.
  • Attach the resource(s) for the month.
  • Send this message off with a prayer for this Mailbox Member, a child of God!

Distribute the resource to your Mailbox Member participants with the following Mailbox Member Message:

Hello from LWML! 

March ends the fiscal year for both our LWML district (even years) and national LWML (odd years). Gathering our Mite Box offerings is one way all of us can participate in the mission of LWML by funding the programs, ministries, and mission grants which help to spread the Gospel at home and abroad. This month’s devotion, Proclaiming the Gospel with Mites, may be read during your personal devotion time as you lift up the work of the LWML in prayer and financially support missions through your Mite Box.

If you are unable to turn in your Mite Box offerings this month, please let me know and I will make arrangements to have it picked up and included in the donations that will be submitted before the end of March.

Please join me as together we pray for the mite offerings and the mission grants they support. To God be the glory! 

Your Sister in Christ,



View a printable PDF of these instructions


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