A printable PDF of these instructions can be found at the end of this article.

Leader instructions

Now that you have a list of women who are interested in participating in the Mailbox Member Program, it is important to pray for each woman and keep in contact with them, sharing LWML and our mission with them regularily.

The Welcome Packet is a wonderful introduction to LWML. All items of the Welcome Packet can be shared in paper copies or electronically, except for the Mite Box (many women prefer to give electronically and you may certainly direct them to the LWML website where they can sign up for giving in this way).

Access the LWML New Group Welcome Packet.

In addition to the resources suggested in the Welcome Packet, please also include:

  • Contact information for the Mailbox Member Coordinator
  • Contact information for the person who collects mite offerings and sends them to the district
  • Copy of your current District Mission Grants
  • Upcoming local, zone and district events (rallies, conventions and/or service activities)
For Paper Copies:
  • Download and print this Welcome Packet resource to share with each Mailbox Member.
  • Print as many copies of the resource as you need for your Mailbox Member participants.
  • Share the note on the next page with your new member and don’t forget to sign it and leave your contact information!
  • As you place this information in your Mailbox Member participant’s mailbox, pray for this child of God!
For Electronic Communication:
  • Open the Welcome Packet resource and read the coordinator information.
  • Get ready to send a new email, and in the subject line write: WELCOME - LWML Mailbox Member
  • Copy and paste the Mailbox Member message below into your email.
  • Attach the Welcome Packet resources.
  • Send this message off with a prayer for this Mailbox Member, a child of God!

Distribute the Welcome Packet resources to your Mailbox Member participants with the note found below

Welcome to the Mailbox Member Program from LWML!

What a joy it is to have you join in the LWML Mailbox Member Program.

We welcome you! In this packet we have gathered several resources that will introduce you to what God is accomplishing through the LWML, our mission, and our vision as we serve the Lord with gladness.

Your Welcome Packet includes the following:

  • A Mite Box and mite explanation and history
  • A list of current mission grants to be funded by our mite offerings – both national and district grants
  • The LWML Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Pledge
  • Contact information for the local Mailbox Member Program Coordinator.

I encourage you to explore the LWML website at lwml.org, follow LWML on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest), and download the LWML app. These are additional resources for you to grow in your relationship with God and also in your knowledge of LWML and it’s mission.

You are always welcome to contact me with any questions you have. You are in my daily prayers. I am happy to have you as a Mailbox Member of the LWML.

Your Sister in Christ,



View a printable PDF of these instructions

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