Looking for Mission Service Activities in advance?


Here's a year's worth of simple mission service activities, laid out in one document for ease of use. Print and display the calendar of activities, and mark them off as you do them.

Sharing Jesus' Love Through Action 2019 — A Year's Worth of Mission Service Activities PDF 


Get Started with the March Ideas

Nurturing Faith in Christ

Ponder how you might “love the unlovable.” These might be people at work or in your own family. Or, perhaps groups such as the homeless or incarcerated. Pray daily for anyone with whom you have a strained relationship.

Making Our Faith Meaningful

Learn about a prison ministry or alternative sentencing facility in your area. Mark Bibles and collect allowable items to be distributed to the residents. You will find other LCMS Prison Ministry resources here. EXTRA CREDIT: If possible, deliver the items to the facility in person.

Sharing Encouragement

Reach out to anyone who might have an incarcerated family member, particularly a parent of young children. Ask how you can help and promise to pray for them and their loved one.

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