Looking for Mission Service Activities in advance?


Here's a year's worth of simple mission service activities, laid out in one document for ease of use. Print and display the calendar of activities, and mark them off as you do them.

Sharing Jesus' Love Through Action 2019 — A Year's Worth of Mission Service Activities PDF 


Get Started with the November Ideas

Nurturing Faith in Christ

Use the month of November to keep a “Thankfulness Journal”. Each day write down one item for which you are thankful and don’t forget to express your gratitude to those near you. Say a prayer of praise and thanksgiving to our creator, redeemer and sanctifier.

Making Our Faith Meaningful

Work with your local Veterans’ Administration (VA) hospital to see what the patients need in the way of clothing or other items. Organize a collection and then spend a day visiting with the recipients. Learn more about ministering to veterans at the LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces page. You may also wish to provide audio Military BibleSticks to active service members. EXTRA CREDIT: Find out what your local VA needs in the way of volunteers and then sign up!

Sharing Encouragement

Identify the veterans and active military in your congregation and post their photos on a “wall of honor”. Have a Veteran’s Day lunch after church one Sunday in November to honor these heroes.

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