Looking for Mission Service Activities in advance?


Here's a year's worth of simple mission service activities, laid out in one document for ease of use. Print and display the calendar of activities, and mark them off as you do them.

Sharing Jesus' Love Through Action 2019 — A Year's Worth of Mission Service Activities PDF 


Get Started with the May Ideas

Nurturing Faith in Christ

Prepare for attending the next LWML or district convention by spending time meditating on the theme verse. Uplift the officers in prayer as they prepare to lead the convention. And, pray for the delegates as they contemplate their voting choices.

Making Our Faith Meaningful

This is the time of year for tornados and floods. Consider collecting items needed in emergency response situations such as quilts and blankets. Review the LCMS Disaster Response page for other ways to help. EXTRA CREDIT: Invite an emergency response representative to speak at your church to educate members on how to prepare and/or serve.

Sharing Encouragement

Sign up for a short term mission trip to a domestic natural disaster site. Or, become a Red Cross volunteer.

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