eNews Issue #285 — April 7, 2020

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Holy Week 2020 — News Worth Sharing

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) Senior Pastoral Counselor Rev. Mitchel Schuessler has written Home Page articles for this Holy Week for the LWML website. LWML eNews articles cover current news but, as Christians, the most important news is that regarding our Savior. Therefore it is appropriate to share the following articles with our readers as we remember Christ’s suffering and celebrate His resurrection.

Good Friday is April 10, 2020

[Jesus] said, “It is finished,” and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit (John 19:30b).


Holy Week comes to a screeching halt as we stand at the foot of Jesus’ cross and watch this event play out. Jesus has been crucified. He has suffered physically. He has carried the tremendous spiritual burden as He hung on the cross. Then He dies. He dies!

Our lives have come to a screeching halt with COVID-19. As we stand at the foot of the cross, we look at our lives today. Let the tears of sorrow flow. We feel the pain. We feel the sorrow. We feel the loss. Our lives are torn apart. We wonder, does this death have any impact upon our lives amid this crisis? 

The answer is yes! In His death upon the cross, Jesus is facing the fullness of our suffering, the suffering caused by COVID-19, the suffering caused by our sinfulness. He suffers and dies upon that cross to pay the price that we are unable to pay. We had cried out, “Hosanna! Save us!” His response was to give up His life for us. There, on the cross, we see our salvation. There we see the fullness of all we need in this time of crisis. Thank You, Jesus.

Easter is April 12, 2020

And [the angel] said to them, “Do not be alarmed. You seek Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He has risen, he is not here” (Mark 16:6a).


Our hosanna changes. No longer do we cry out, “Save us!” Instead, we join our voices with countless believers around the world and cry out, “He is risen! Alleluia!” The Jesus that we hailed as the Son of David on Palm Sunday and that we watched die on Good Friday, is alive! He has risen from the dead.

On this Easter morning, we might wonder about that joy. We are unable to join together in worship. Most of us will worship virtually, watching on our computers, iPhones, or iPads as our pastor leads us in worship. It might not feel like Easter.

But know this: Jesus is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia! In that empty tomb, we have the assurance of salvation. We are assured that Jesus has destroyed the power of sin, death, and COVID-19. We may not be physically together, but we are joining our hearts with one another around the world as we celebrate this glorious resurrection. Keep in mind, in other years, we may be gathered with those in our congregation to worship, but we are also gathered with millions of people around the world, celebrating this wonderful gift! We are not physically with them, but our hearts are joined together.

Easter 2020 will be remembered for the joy it gives to the hurting, lonely, depressed, ill, and desperate people suffering the results of this terrible virus. It brings to us a living Lord Jesus Christ. And nothing, not death or the grave or COVID-19, can destroy that life we have in Christ. 

He is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!


Submit Mission Grant Proposals Now for the 2021-2023 Biennium

The LWML receives many thank you letters from mission grant recipients.  They share the impact that mission-giving has throughout the world in bringing Christ’s story to those who hear it. It is now time to begin researching possibilities for 2021–2023 mission grant proposals. The mission grant submission process is lengthy but worthwhile. To help applicants, there are two documents on the LWML website: How to Get Started which shares an overview of the process and the Guidelines for Submitting Mission Grant Proposals to the LWML 2021 Convention which has a more detailed timeline. Both can be invaluable if you are considering a mission grant submission. They can be found here. 

The online mission grant submission form is also available on the same webpage. It is highly recommended that you complete your research and the online form by August 15, 2020. This will allow time to collect the required signatures and mail hard copies of the necessary documents to the LWML Vice President of Gospel Outreach, postmarked no later than September 30, 2020.

Directions for Making Masks on LWML Website

Directions for making masks that many officials are now asking all people to wear while in public are now available on the LWML website

LWML Vice President of Special Focus Ministries Betty Knapp writes, “I’ve been working on a local project called Masks for Marquette. A local Facebook group, in conjunction with a request from our local hospital, nursing homes, and other first responders, has taken on the task of making 6,000 cloth masks. These have a pocket where a filter can be inserted. They are not meant to replace the N95 masks, but to wear over them to extend their life. I’ve finished my first 50 and am on to my second 50. It’s been a good way to spend my time and hopefully help out our community health care workers.”

The LWML continues to serve in our communities, sharing Jesus’ love. We hope you consider making some of these masks and sharing them in your community.

Lutheran Women in Mission — The Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML) is an official auxiliary of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Since 1942, the LWML has focused on affirming each woman's relationship with Christ, encouraging and equipping women to live out their Christian lives in active mission ministries, and to support global missions.

The LWML is the leading group for LCMS women where each woman is welcomed and encouraged to use her unique God-given gifts as she supports global missions and serves the Lord with gladness.

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