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eNews Issue #358 — December 14, 2021

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New Heart to Heart Logo

The current LWML Heart to Heart (H2H) Sisters Committee has updated their name. They are now the Heart to Heart — Sisters of All Nations Committee. This new name will enable a clearer understanding of the purpose of this program.

The H2H Committee will be working closely with current H2H District Leaders to provide encouragement, mentoring, and the exchange of ideas. They also are preparing to train new H2H District Leaders in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, immediately before the 2023 LWML Convention. 

Heart to Heart — Sisters of All Nations is LWML’s program to motivate, equip, challenge, and mentor multicultural women to serve the church, participate in LWML, witness to the world, and grow in relationships.

LWML Heart to Heart (H2H) Sisters Committee: Linda Patel, Chairman Karol Selle, Giovanne Turincio, Deb Vinkemeier

The H2H Committee members are (L to R) Linda Patel (California-Nevada-Hawaii District), Chairman Karol Selle (North Wisconsin District), Giovanne Turincio (Texas District), and Deb Vinkemeier (Minnesota South District).




LWML Information Technology Committee

The 2021–2023 Information Technology Committee’s (ITC) purpose is to:

  • Encourage the use of the website and social media platforms as resources for being in mission, service, and fellowship with other women.
  • Review regularly the website and social media for effectiveness.
  • Promote LWML presence and branding in social media.
  • Provide resources and suggestions for technical support and education.
LWML Information Technology Committee: Erin Foster, Leslie Koenck, Marie McNary, and Lisa Wilson, Chairman

The LWML Information Technology Committee consists of four members pictured here: Erin Foster, Leslie Koenck, Marie McNary, and Lisa Wilson, Chairman. They are jumping into the LWML social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, working to help social media followers be more aware of LWML programs, and encouraging more interaction and sharing of posts. LWML social media platforms are great witnessing tools, with every comment and share spreading the mission of Lutheran Women in Mission throughout the world.

As a committee, they are reviewing and updating the LWML website to make all resources more visible and easier to find. The LWML website is a major form of communication for Lutheran Women in Mission.

woman looking at video chat on laptop with LWML Information Technology Committee

The ITC is also actively working on creating webinars and one-on-one chat times for LWML districts and individuals. These opportunities will be open to anyone who has questions about technology or needs guidance. Watch for more information from this technical support committee for Lutheran Women in Mission.


LWML Turns 80!

"What's Your 80?" 1942–2022 — 80 Years of God's Grace

Since 1942 the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) has been proclaiming Christ, supporting missions, equipping women, and serving others. The LWML Board of Directors (BOD) is encouraging all districts, zones, groups, and individual members to celebrate with “80 something.” What do you have planned to celebrate 80 years of mission work? Will your group donate 80 cans of food to a local food bank? Could your group donate an extra $800 to your district mission goal? Maybe each zone could donate 80 pairs of socks to a local homeless shelter. Whatever you choose to do to celebrate, the BOD asks that you take photos of each activity for a photo montage to be shown at the 2023 LWML Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Put on your thinking caps! Answer the question — What’s Your 80? and celebrate this milestone with us!


Gifts of Love Year-End Opportunities

Help Love Grow and Endure

LWML invites you to maximize your year-end contributions now! Recent legislation includes several provisions to help individuals and businesses who give to charity. The new law extends four temporary tax changes through the end of 2021 including deducting up to 100 percent of your adjusted gross income (AGI) for cash contributions. Please contact your LWML Gift Planning Counselors. They can assist you with making the most use of these new provisions before they expire. LWML provides free, professional Christian estate planning services. Reach them at 1-800-741-4138.


Sharing Christ’s Love at Christmas

woman visiting homebound for Christmas

Are you looking for a gift for someone who lives alone? A visit from you may be what they need most. Some Christmas cookies and a Christmas devotion would certainly be welcome. LWML has many devotions from which to choose. Consider “God’s Perfect Gift,” or “How Mary Prepared for Christmas.” Both devotions are wonderful to share. You could also leave a copy for your friend to read again. These and many more resources are available here


Stickers Available

Christ "we are HIS" sticker on a travel mug next to a cookie

New vinyl stickers are available for purchase from the LWML office. The designs include the LWML logo, President Debbie’s HIS logo, and the “I am the Heart of LWML” logo. The stickers are priced at $1 apiece or 3 for $2.50. Vinyl stickers can be used on travel mugs, laptops, phones, and many other places — a great way to promote LWML! The new stickers are approximately 3” x 2” and you may purchase them through the LWML Office at (800)252-5965.

"I am the Heart of LWML" sticker, "Lutheran Women in Mission" with LWML icon sticker, "Christ" (we are HIS) sticker

The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) — Lutheran Women in Mission — is an official auxiliary of  The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Since 1942, Lutheran Women in Mission have joyfully proclaimed Christ, supported missions, and equipped women to honor God by serving others

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