Single-session Bible study on Christmas, Epiphany, Mites and Missions. 2 pages. Leader Guide available.

The night Jesus was born God gave the world the greatest gift it would ever receive. The gift of the newborn King came in a humble beginning, showing no signs of royalty. Yet wise men went to great lengths to come and worship Jesus and present Him with treasured gifts. With great faith they simply believed Him to be the Savior and worshipped Him. 

Over 2000 years have passed since the night Jesus was born. Yet, we still celebrate His birth. The joy we receive in knowing Christ came as our Savior is shared as we exchange gifts with each other. We also give to the poor and needy. We give to our family and friends. “Wish lists” are complied and special gifts are selected. But what “gift” do we give to our Savior?

Gold, Frankincense and Me! (study guide with leader guide)

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