Single-session Bible study on Joy in the Journey. 5 pages. Leader Guide available.


Sleepless nights can create a whole gamut of feelings and emotions. They may be the result of cares and concerns of the day, multiple aches and pains in the body hindering a comfortable resting position, or struggling with the circumstances we have yet to face. It is seldom because we are overwhelmed with the realization that, no matter the causes, we remain in the presence of God. Wrapping a blanket around our heads in frustration is so much easier than wrapping our hearts and souls around with the promises of God through His Word. 

During the passionate season of Lent there is a way to change all that. Rather than giving up something for Lent, we can strive to take our eyes off ourselves and redirect the eyes of our hearts on the service we can do for Christ. Rather than “giving up” something for Lent, perhaps “giving to” others for Him is the answer. It may not change our sleepless nights, but it will prepare our minds to praise Him as long as we live, to be satisfied with the rich Spiritual food He has to offer, and to sing for joy under the cover of His wings. In these moments, we are in the presence of God.

Making Lent an Opportunity with Leader Guide

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