Mission Grant #17 “Christ for You, Anytime, Anywhere — KFUO Radio” $60,000 fully funded

LWML President Debbie Larson (in Colorado) is “handing” the check to KFUO’s Andy Bates and Sarah Gulseth, hosts of “The Coffee Hour” (in St. Louis).

KFUO Radio is expanding its Gospel Outreach Ministry with the help of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML). 

At the LWML 2019 Convention in Mobile, Alabama, KFUO Radio was awarded a mission grant of $60,000 for the purpose of improving its current equipment and acquiring the latest technology to help increase their listenership, bringing the Gospel to even more people around the world. This grant was distributed to KFUO in the fall of 2020. 

KFUO Radio broadcasts a variety of Christ-centered programing including Bible studies, daily devotions, sacred music, apologetics, and more. “Our Sunday Morning Worship Service is especially popular simply because it’s a way for the home-bound to join in worship,” states Gary Duncan, Executive Director of KFUO. “The listenership for all of KFUO’s programs has increased greatly since COVID-19 began. People want to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ, now more than ever.”

Currently, KFUO is working on several technology improvements and upgrades to help expand their Gospel broadcasting. Some of these efforts include bringing back the KFUO app for android phone users and adding KFUO to the Connected Car Radio. Another exciting effort being made by KFUO is adding Smart Features to Alexa and Amazon Echo devices. The Smart Feature would enable listeners to ask questions while listening to a live program, and those questions would be received by the on-air staff, allowing them to give real-time on-air answers. 

KFUO Radio greatly appreciates the support and encouragement of the LWML as we partner together in sharing the Gospel! 

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