2017 A New Year: Time to Take Stock

Now that we’ve survived the first month of 2017, I like many of you, are likely taking stock of what seemed like some really good personal new year’s resolutions. Perhaps you’ve already given up on one or two of them. Don’t do that, especially if spending time with God in daily devotions and growing in His Word is one of those resolutions.

It’s not too late to take stock of what’s available at your fingertips on the LWML website, and on the store shelf, to energize and inspire you for your spiritual growth. There are many excellent Bible studies, devotions, tracts, and periodicals for your society and zone as well. Check out the website:  www.lwml.org

It’s a new year and certainly a good time for you to take stock and engage with God on a more personal level. Spend time with Him. You are precious to God.