A Prayer for our Nation

Almighty God, heavenly Father, you have promised to uphold us by your strong arm, to provide for our needs of body and soul, and to sustain us through this life until you see fit to bring us to Yourself. There is much unrest and uncertainty in our world at this time, and so we ask You to come to our aid, to provide Your protection, to grant healing, and to bring peace to Your people. Where we have sinned and gone our own way, turn us again to You in repentance, forgive us our sins, and draw us back to Your divine presence.

Hear us on behalf of all whose lives have been affected by the ravages of wind and water and fire. Where there has been a loss of property, give restoration, and where there has been a loss of life, give comfort by the power of Christ’s resurrection. Watch over and sustain the rescue and relief workers who experience danger of peril themselves, and may they be encouraged in their labors. 

As we draw closer to our national elections, we humbly ask You to raise up good and honest leaders who will protect the most vulnerable among us and work for the good of the citizens of this land. Help us to live as good citizens, and good stewards, of all You have blessed us with, seeking to love our neighbor just as we have been loved by Christ. Where there is disagreement and conflict among us, supply us with your peace and heal our divisions so that we may come to better understand one another.

Be with us, Lord, as we continue to wage war against this pandemic. Give strength to all those whose work calls them to care for the infected among us including doctors, nurses, and all health care workers. Heal the sick, and give to them the encouragement they need from Your Word to see them through to health and vigor. Give wisdom to all who are working to find a vaccine for this virus, and in Your time, open up opportunities to bring an end to the fear that plagues so many.

Bless our families, Lord, in these days. Keep us on the firm foundation of Christ, and guide us by Your Word and Spirit to do all that You desire. Continue to strengthen all Christians, and the congregations to which they belong, that our witness to the world in these days would be bold, compassionate, and comforting. Provide for those who cry out to You in distress, especially those who are unemployed or underemployed. Use us to provide for all who are need and least among us.

In circumstance, remind us that when we are uneasy about life, that You are there and will give us all things needful; when we are lonely or afraid, make Yourself known to us by Your grace; and when uncertainty is found at every turn, teach us again that You have ordered all of our days and that, in Christ, our future is always certain with You. You have promised us that nothing shall separate us from You, so help us to rest in this comforting truth, teach us to number our days, and grant us to live always in the hope and certainty of the resurrection of the body and life everlasting in Your kingdom.

To you, O God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, be all the glory, now and unto the ages of ages. Amen.