The LWML 2018 Prayer Service is a chance for us to gather around the Word and prayer together as the LWML family. It is an easy service to invite friends or neighbors not familiar with church to attend with us. It is an opportunity for us to “be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith” as Paul asserts to the Roman Christians in Romans 1:12. 

The Prayer Service is designed to be used at any time, by large or small groups. It is an abbreviated worship service. This year’s service, “Living as God’s People,” is written by long-time missionary and church planter, Rev. Dr. Robert Roegner, a previous LWML Pastoral Counselor from 2013–2017. I urge you to use this in your congregations, zone LWML’s or at an LWML event.

The service is based on 1 Peter 2:9–12. Many factors come to mind when we think of who we are — our identity. In his first letter, Peter continually reminds his readers of their identity. Rather than focus on inane worldly details, he zeroes in on what’s most important: our standing in the eyes of God or our place in His kingdom.

Peter reminds his readers of who they were prior to being made part of God’s family, contrasting that non-status with the present reality of what God had made them. This was especially important for Peter’s readers as they compared themselves to the unbelievers around them, and as they fought to retain hope in what may have seemed like hopeless times.

This prayer service speaks to all of us. Make plans now to use it. Remember the United States’ National Day of Prayer is May 3, 2018 if you’d like to use this on that day.

Let’s bow our heads and pray!


The 2018 Prayer Service is now available as free downloads on

Patti Ross