LWML Mission Grant # 7


Imagine living without ever hearing God’s Word?

Mission grants are still in need of payment so that the message of Jesus and His gift of Salvation may spread to the ends of the earth. 

Through your mite offerings this mission grant is a reality.

Arabic satellite television programming is reaching families, refugees, and citizens of the region through a new television program broadcast in Cairo, Egypt.

Lutheran Hour Ministries' television is expanding the proclamation of the Gospel, especially in the refugee camps of Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey.

This may be the only opportunity for people to hear about Jesus. This new television broadcast has the potential to reach millions of people throughout the Middle East, refugees, and citizens alike, with the message of faith and the true love of Christ and to be a strong Christian voice and witness in the area.

Continue to pray for all the mission grants. On Giving Tuesday your donation will be matched. Your support is needed. Please donate your offering at