Countdown to Convention

It is mid-year in the academic world and as the end of the school year approaches, many schools begin a countdown to the last day of school. Let’s consider another countdown. One that ends with celebrations, Bible studies, and mission speakers. Yes, a countdown to our convention in Des Moines, Iowa. The Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly has arrived on doorsteps across this great land of ours with everything you need to know to register for the Des Moines convention. As you read this article, the countdown is around 150 days. Find a calendar and mark off the days. There is much to do before that opening service on June 25, 2015, and there are many women still unaware of this incredible gathering. The Time is NOW to spread the word about this exciting event. Grab a friend or family member and share a room. Tell others of the wonderful speakers, gather items for sharing Gifts from the Heart, and pray for all who are preparing for the thousands of participants!


Shelley Moeller

Vice President of Gospel Outreach


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