Devotions on the Go …

Have you ever found yourself running here and there in an attempt to make the most of your day, only to realize that you hadn’t taken the time for a quiet moment with God? We’ve all had those days. Our days are especially busy during the holiday season.

LWML’s Mustard Seed Devotions provide the perfect opportunity for times like these. It’s Scripture at our fingertips. Although not meant to take the place of your personal time with God, these unique devotions are quick and easy. Mustard Seeds have been developed on various topics, are wallet size, and are available electronically from your mobile device on the new LWML app! In an emergency, they can be carried with you for the times you find yourself running short on time, or simply waiting in traffic. It’s the perfect picker upper to help refocus your day.

The Christmas Mustard Seeds are perfect to fit inside your Christmas cards!

The LWML store offers many other devotional resources. Some are designed for more personal spiritual growth, others for group study, all of which aid in making His Word a priority in our life.