It Is Finished

Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that He bowed His head and gave up His spirit (John 19:15).

The “finish line” of Jerusalem wasn’t the finish.  The completion of the Passover celebration meal wasn’t the finish.  Now, as Jesus says from the cross, “It is finished,” the first 33 years of His earthly life are finished.  As mocking and insults are hurled upon Him, He thirsts for water; His Heavenly Father forsakes Him; He gives up His Spirit.  As Jesus is laid in the grave, the disciples, still unknowing, think their time of following is finished.  The Sanhedrin and the religious officials believe they have finished off Jesus. 

All the while, Jesus HAS finished His redemptive act of love.  As we today and tomorrow wait with the disciples, Christ descends into hell to announce His final defeat of sin, death, and Satan, and then rests in the tomb until Sunday morning, Easter morning, when Christ, in person, rises and proclaims His ultimate victory.