Put on Your New Clothes

Are all your Christmas gift returns and exchanges completed? Have you put all of your gifts to good use by now? How about those new clothes? There is one set of new clothes which is ours to keep and quite important to use every day so others can see them.  With credit and thanks to a recent sermon topic from my pastor, I am talking about the new garment of salvation we were given in Christ.  The gift of a Savior at Christmas, followed by our baptism, gave each of us new life in Christ.

We each have the opportunity to let others we live, work, and come into contact with, see that new life in us. We are blessed to be a child of God and to know Jesus.  God has chosen us to be part of His family and to share the Good News of salvation in Jesus.

Ask God for determination to continue sharing His love so many more may come to know Jesus and a saving faith.


Pat Reichert

Vice President of Special Focus Ministries
Lutheran Women’s Missionary League


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