How many of you have been part of the planning process for a group, zone, district, or maybe even national gathering? Planning takes time, energy, ideas, creativity, and more. Whenever I’ve been privileged to be a part of planning for an event, a meeting and/or discussion, they begin with prayer because we have a God we can go to, rely on, and know that each phase of our planning is founded on Him.

Is the LWML any different? Absolutely not! What you see on our fabulous website comes from many dedicated conversations and meetings (usually via conference calls) founded on our Lord’s principles and designed to be uplifting and encouraging to all women. We serve the Lord with gladness, because God is good … all the time, and all the time … God is good! 

A while ago, my LWML group at my home church began planning an event to celebrate God’s love through our Baptism. We wanted to sponsor an event that would bring all members of God’s family together to celebrate the day we became part of His family. We encouraged all … women, men, and children … to come together for a celebration, a sharing of baptismal memories, and fellowship.

In looking for ideas, where did we go to find them? The LWML website, of course! Under The Word tab in the menu bar, we clicked on Program Helps and after the page opened, we scrolled down to the resource titled DEVOTIONS & DEVOTIONAL COLLECTIONS (see picture to the right), clicked on the picture, and were led to a wealth of possibilities.

We found a number of listings about baptism and chose a couple for our gathering. Make a Splash! was our opening devotion and CELEBRATE BAPTISM! was our closing.

Do visit our website often. As you do, may you also find just what you’re looking for as you plan and encourage one another in celebrating God’s goodness.