In my home I have a small plaque that reads “GRANDKIDS WELCOME, Parents by Appointment”. Although humorous, it has caused me to stop and think — is that the way I treat newcomers to my LWML group or to my church family?  What do I do to make the newcomers feel informed and comfortable? Suddenly it doesn’t seem so humorous.

I recall my daughter-in-law asking me about LWML and the Mite Box. Unfortunately, I had taken for granted that she understood LWML. After all, I’d seen the Mite Box at her church including a variety of LWML announcements in her church bulletin. Her question and our discussion instantly ignited an excited connection for mission grants and the Mite Box. Her personal Mite Box now regularly gathers, with purpose, proceeds for mission grants.

Thinking back to the plaque, more conscious of newcomers, and how we might treat them, let’s make an intentional appointment so they too can join us in serving the Lord with gladness!

Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality (Romans 12:13).

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