Submit Your Mission Grant Applications!

Mite Box contributions that fund district and national mission grants and implement the LWML program have totaled over $100 million dollars. These grants share the Gospel to hurting people along with meeting basic needs like medical, nutritional, or educational necessities.

The LWML grant application process is in full gear and you don’t want to be left behind. The process is not as hard as you’d think. Write about the need, take a few photographs, then go to for the full guidelines and online application.

Ministries should:

  • Be mission in emphasis, extending the ministry of the Word.
  • Fit into plans and projections of the LCMS.
  • Be current and ready for implementation.
  • Be ongoing in nature, with assurance of continuing after the grant monies have been expended.

When proposing a grant for missions outside of the U.S., grant submitters must contact the LCMS Chief Mission Officer, Rev. Kevin D. Robson, to share the scope of the grant proposal.

Consider a need near you. Could an LWML grant help? Your mite offerings could help but you need to apply now! Applications are due September 30, 2016.



Patti Ross

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League

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