Have you ever thought about how your mite box is a “Gift of Hope?”

On October 29, 2012, a storm hit the northeast coast with such a fury that people were not prepared for the aftermath that it left behind. That storm was named, Superstorm Sandy, it was the largest hurricane to hit the states north of the Carolinas.  A storm surge would devastate the coastline of my home state of New Jersey and the neighboring New York City area. Homes would be laid to waste, fallen trees would take out electricity, and the shoreline topography would change forever.


I personally was without power for almost 2 weeks and experienced many down trees in my heavily wooded area here in northwest New Jersey. The need was great for chainsaws, generators, and equipment for tree and debris removal off of homes, roads, and highways.

Now you’re probably wondering how your mites would impact devastation of such magnitude? At the 2015 LWML Convention in Des Moines, Iowa, you voted to help support Lutheran Disaster Response Trailers. Every trailer was outfitted with a variety of tools, such as ladders, respirators, generators, saws, and safety equipment.

Your mite giving has allowed Lutheran Disaster Response Teams to have the resources needed to quickly respond to those areas in need that have been affected by disasters. 

You have given the “Gift of Hope” to communities in need through your faithful mite giving. Please pray for these teams as they help those affected by Hurricane Florence and Michael.