Sing to the Lord, all the earth! Tell of his salvation from day to day.
Declare his glory among the nations 
(1 Chronicles 16:23–24a).

The 2019 LWML Convention Bible verse continues to resonate with me in regard to the theme, In Praise to the LORD! Each day we are given opportunities to share Jesus’ joy and love. God directs our paths, Jesus walks beside us, and the Holy Spirit gives us the words to use.

Do I always share Jesus in a loving way? Do my words always speak truth in love? Am I seeking God’s will for what He wants me to do as I speak to others? As I declare His glory?

Listening to a Christian radio program, I heard a good analogy of how words can be used to help or hinder a situation. A mother wanted to help her middle school aged daughter understand that how she spoke to others and the words she used could either help or hinder her relationships. She told her daughter to take a tube of toothpaste and squeeze out all the paste. Then she asked her to put the paste back in the tube. The daughter very clearly said, “Mom, I can’t do that. That’s impossible,” to which her mother replied, “Of course, you can’t. Once words are spoken, you can’t take them back. Use them wisely.” I thought about how I use words. Are they always God-pleasing? Do they always declare God’s glory and truth to others?

Even when they don’t, I praise God that He sees Christ in me because of the free gift of salvation won for me on the cross. To God be the glory!

Dear Lord, help me when my mouth opens to declare Your glory. Help my words be a loving witness of Your truth. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.