Oscar Wilde said, “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”

nullHope and Healing to the Navajo People is one of the LWML Mission Grants still in need of funding.

Your LWML Mite Box is living proof of this. The small act of donating to LWML mites impacts people’s lives by not only supplying something helpful, useful, or needful, but with the saving grace of the Gospel. That is certainly worth more than the grandest of intentions!

Will you join me today in the small act of donating, the small act of taking your donations to church, and the small act of asking that your group send in all the mites monthly? Our national mission grant deadline is March 31st. There are still grants that are waiting to be funded.

Let’s celebrate the impact our small acts of mites can have for God’s kingdom work! Click here.

Let’s respond to our Savior’s love toward us! The Time is NOW to ACT!