This week is the beginning of October. October is traditionally when many local LWML groups celebrate LWML Sunday and look forward to sharing their passion for the Gospel. LWML encourages and equips women to share their Savior and serve His people.

nullLWML focuses on mission inspiration and education, mission service, and mission giving. We focus on Christ!

Women often display the handmade quilts they’ve worked on all year on the backs of the pews or chairs in their sanctuary. They set out information about the mission grants in their districts and those at the national level. They may show a video highlighting those grants. Many churches sponsor a congregational meal.

Does your church celebrate LWML Sunday? If not, visit with your pastor about taking part in LWML Sunday. This year’s LWML Sunday resources are found here. I won’t tell you what the theme is … click on the link to find out! Do you think it’s too late to organize a Sunday celebration in your congregation? It’s not! Lutheran Women in Mission may celebrate LWML Sunday whenever they would like to share the benefits with others. Work together with your pastor and choose a date to celebrate!

In His service, surrounded by His grace,