The calendar looms with many activities that involve ways to use your monetary funds:

  • Last Week was Black Friday — a crazy fun day of shopping for super bargains.
  • This week brought Cyber Monday — when you could stay at home and let your fingers do the walking on your electronic device as you shop for just right gifts.

Now there is the great opportunity for Giving Tuesday!

That's this Tuesday, November 28. A welcome newcomer in recent years, this tradition encourages people to give a little more to organizations that promote ideals they care about — like sharing the gospel of Jesus our Savior.

On this day of sharing, pray for the work of Lutheran Women in Mission, then join with others in your support. This year, thanks to two anonymous donors, you can TRIPLE your donation. That's right TRIPLE!

This quick and easy way of giving can be done by visiting


As celebration of the 75 anniversary of the LWML continues, bring joy to your heart this Christmas by sharing God's love for others around the world with your special gift to LWML.