My dad dizzily stumbled around the optometrist’s office, frustrated with his new bifocals. It was difficult to keep his balance as his eyes moved across the abrupt line in the middle of each lens. He was grateful when “no-line, easy-to-transition” bifocals became available.

Over the summer, our LWML will be transitioning leaders. New officers will be elected at Convention, and new committees will be appointed in August. Although names of people in each position will abruptly change, those currently serving will mentor and encourage the newly-elected to make an easy transition. As St. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 14:31, “… so that all may learn and be encouraged.”

Please keep the Des Moines Convention in your prayers, for those planning it, as well as for all people on the ballot. Those elected will need God’s guidance for their new roles, and those not elected will need to hear God’s call for service elsewhere.


Carolyn Blum

Vice President of Organizational Resources
Lutheran Women’s Missionary League


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