Change is constant. My husband and I recently made an extreme change in our lives, moving from our North Dakota home of 21 years to a new home in Colorado. We are meeting a new church family and new neighbors, learning new ways to garden and bake at high altitudes, and adjusting to life in the mountains. While exciting, change can be overwhelming at times.

In times of change I thank my Lord for His unchanging love and mercy! Each morning, I look forward to what God has in store for me that day. I know He is with me whether I’m in North Dakota or Colorado, whether I’m walking the path He has laid out for me or even if I’ve strayed from His will and am feeling lost. My God is with me each step of the way.

Please take time to read this short devotion: “Comfort from the Psalms – an Unchanging God.” This is a Mustard Seed Devotion and you can sign up for a new devotion sent to your email each day here. These devotions are a reminder of how God is always with us. Enjoy!

In His service, filled with His joy,