Young at Heart, Young in Body, Young in Mind

nullSpring cleaning time will soon be here. As a person young at heart (blessed in years), I have my past experiences of how to do things. I will invite my daughter to come over to help. She uses technology for new ideas and new ways to tackle things, and has a younger body for when my body is just not up to the task. My granddaughters will come with her. At ages 12 and 5, they have plenty to say, ask plenty of questions about everything, and have plenty of energy, too. They have to start somewhere, and we should channel that energy into the LWML.

As we approach the upcoming Spring Rallies and District Conventions, just like spring cleaning, we can Engage, Encourage, and Equip women of all ages to participate. If I had a grandson, I would invite him to clean and invite him to the convention. He may grow up to become an LWML Counselor. There is something for everyone to do and everyone has something to offer. Just ask, invite, and enjoy.