YOUR feedback is so important!

If you are reading this you have a love for Christ, want to study His Word, and reach out to others with Jesus’ message of salvation. You are mission minded! As a vice president of the LWML I am privileged to serve with women and men who are passionate about Christ and His mission. The members of the Leader Development and HOPE Committees are constantly evaluating the resources available for you so that you can be better equipped to share Jesus with the world. Your comments and suggestions about our website, social media posts, and resources help us to help you!

Have you used a resource that inspired you? Have you looked for help in an area where there doesn’t seem to be a resource? Do you reach out in your community in a unique way you’d like to share with us? As you browse our website do any questions come to mind? We enjoy and value your feedback! Contact me with any questions or comments at and together we will serve and share Jesus!