2021–2023 LWML Mission Grant #26

Strengthening the Lutheran Mission to Kuna, Idaho

Friendship Celebration Lutheran Church — $100,000


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About This Mission Grant

Kuna, Idaho, is listed as the seventh most rapidly growing urban/suburban area in the United States and is located near Boise and Meridian, Idaho. A new church has been planted in Kuna and Friendship Celebration Lutheran Church, Boise, is its mother congregation. Kuna Lutheran is currently meeting for worship in the local high school cafeteria with up to 60 people in attendance. The congregation wants to build their own sanctuary and other facilities from which to conduct growing congregational activities, but they are first in need of a parcel of land. The grant funds will assist in the purchase. The mission of Kuna Lutheran is to celebrate God the Father’s love for us in creating us and giving His Son; connecting in faith with Jesus, our Savior; connecting with others in love and care; and communicating God’s love in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Pastor Hausch delivering sermon during Sunday worship at Kuna Lutheran Mission.


Approved Resolution at the LWML Convention

WHEREAS, Jesus Christ has charged us in the Great Commission to be witnesses of the Gospel to the ends of the earth; and 

WHEREAS, Friendship Celebration Lutheran Church, our planting congregation, has the mission of planting additional churches in Ada County, Idaho, and beyond; and 

WHEREAS, Kuna Lutheran Mission is in need of property on which to build a church and cannot fully purchase property with their present income; and 

WHEREAS, the president of the LWML Utah-Idaho District and the president of the LCMS Northwest District were consulted about the grant; therefore, be it 

RESOLVED, that the delegates of the 2021 Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Convention scheduled for Lexington, Kentucky, vote the sum of $100,000 to help fund Strengthening the Lutheran Mission to Kuna, Idaho.

More Mission Grant Photos

Pastor Hausch consecrating the elements for the Lord's Supper during worship at Kuna Lutheran Mission.

Pastor Hausch distributing the Lord's Supper at Kuna Lutheran Mission.

Kuna Lutheran Mission "Kuna Days" float advertising Vacation Bible School and the new mission church.

Kuna Lutheran Mission "Kuna Days" float advertising Vacation Bible School and the new mission church with Luther Rose on back of float.


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