2023–2025 Mission Grant #7

Upheld by God's Hand, Mental Health Outreach

LCMS Life Ministry — $96,500


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About This Mission Grant

Millions of people in the United States are suffering with mental illness and disorders. There is a tremendous need and opportunity for Lutheran outreach to help these people and their family members cope with mental illnesses. 

Research validates that people seeking help for mental disorders might be more likely to consult a pastor than a clinical therapist or psychologist. Pastors, church workers, and lay leaders must be prepared to address the mental health and illness issues that members of the congregation and those outside the church may bring to them. 

The LCMS Task Force for Mental Illness, Health, and Wellness is coordinating with LCMS Life Ministry to develop and publish materials and resources to provide training for church workers and lay leaders related to mental health outreach and spiritual care. This grant will support the development of these materials.

deaconess hugging woman

The body of Christ cares for all people, supporting mental wellbeing.

More Mission Grant Photos

pastor with small communion set in a room next to a window, ready to give communion to an individual.

Pastors provide pastoral care and share God's Word when people are
suffering from mental distress.

deaconess with open hymnal talking to woman

Commissioned church workers point people experiencing anxiety and depression to Christ as the source of hope.

three teens facing away, with arms wrapped around each other's shoulders

The body of Christ cares for all people, supporting mental wellbeing.

pastor reaching out with both hands to clasp the hands of an elderly person

Christians comfort people experiencing mental illness with Christ's love and mercy.


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