2023–2025 Mission Grant #9

Equipping Young Leaders

LCMS Youth Ministry — $50,000  


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About This Mission Grant

LCMS Youth Ministry faithfully leads, serves, provides resources, and networks with youth and adults working through LCMS districts and congregations — with Christ and His gifts at the heart and center of everything. The sponsored YouthLead program and Servant Events are designed to train young leaders and give them opportunities for service. 

Offering YouthLead conferences regionally, piloting a new format of Servant Events to include leadership training, and increasing curriculums will offer service and leadership training to more teens and young adults. LCMS Youth Ministries wants to deepen their understanding of the needs of young people and the best practices for youth and young adult ministry. Survey results show the way to keep young people connected to the church is to give them chances to serve and lead. This grant will allow LCMS Youth Ministry to expand their current programs to equip young leaders.

teens and one adult sit around a table with books and papers, talking

One of the unique features of YouthLead is that the training is led by the Executive Team made up of young people elected by their peers. In this picture you see Executive Team member Ally leading her small group during training.

More Mission Grant Photos

group of teens and adults sit around tables, which are set up in a circle layout to facilitate group discussion

In October 2021 a Kansas regional YouthLead event where about 20 high school youth ministry leaders from around the state were trained. One of the many topics covered included "How to Write a Devotion". This event was a great test for future events.

large group of teens standing outside building, smiling for a photo op

The March 2022 annual YouthLead training was one of the largest in forty years with more than 90 participants. The number of attendees identified the need to produce additional opportunities and resources to support more youth and youth ministries.

woman and teen girl high fiving

YouthLead participants are typically brought to the training by their youth leaders. These leaders serve to mentor and support these young leaders during the training and beyond. Their work is critical to the ongoing support and opportunities for young people to lead in the church.

two male teens discuss something during a session

Participants currently come from across the country for training. This is a great opportunity for young people to connect with other faithful teens. This grant would allow for the expansion of training to more young people by giving them additional opportunities to connect at a lower cost.


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