LWQ Summer 2010

The Simple Life

nullStrength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future (Proverbs 31:25 NASB).

Some say “recycled.” Others say “vintage.” The simple term “hand-me-downs” works for me.

I love hand-me-downs — so much so that I wore my cousin Linda's striped turtleneck on my first day of high school. She had graduated from the same high school the year before, and I thought the blue-and-gold top she passed down to me needed another spin through the halls of Bryant High. And, after all, blue and gold were the school colors.

When my daughter, Elizabeth, was born, the hand-me-down tradition carried on when I dressed her in some of my 50s-style baby dresses and corduroy overalls my mother had lovingly stored away for her someday-grandchild. (Don't tell, but in my hand-me-down enthusiasm, I sifted through the large box and came across a few outfits even a baby son could have worn.)

A full-cycle moment came to me years later when my daughter asked if she could wear something she had seen hanging in my closet for years: my sky blue sweet-sixteen dress (bought new, by the way) that I had saved for sentimental reasons. So her very last day of high school ended in the same way my first day of high school had begun — wearing a hand-me-down.

Hand-me-downs helped me celebrate some simply wonderful moments in my life. May this issue of the LWQ invite you to take delight in the simple things of life.

Nancy Graf Peters


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