LWQ Spring 2010

Faith Talk | Faith Walk

null“Your baby walks, but my baby talks.” Lois Graf

First steps, first words. Big milestones in a baby’s life.

Walking upright didn't catch on with me right away. I preferred to speed crawl across the room — careening like a rocket and traipsing behind the only other person in our home who was close to my four-legged stature, our dog, Bingo.

While many parents were bragging how their babies were walking by the age of one, my parents weren't among them. But my mother would pipe up: “Your
baby walks, but my baby talks.” In full sentences, I am told, and probably too much.

I got my pedestrian license when I was just past thirteen-months old. The walking and talking connection was finally complete.

As Christians, our Faith Walk and Faith Talk may not always match up evenly throughout our lives; at times, we may be focusing on “the walk” while still polishing up “the talk.” However, as we daily study God’s Word and stay connected to Him through prayer, we can face not only life’s milestones but also develop strong legs and courageous voices that are poised and ready to make known the Good News.

The Quarterly also faced milestones recently. We welcomed Cheryl Mattil to the LWQ staff as Christian Living Editor, as we said goodbye to Adriane Dorr
who wore those shoes for four years. And our News Editor Carolyn Blum has graciously added the duties of Associate Editor to her plate.

I thank them for stepping up.

Nancy Graf Peters


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